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The Goal of the Process...


The Accelerated Recovery Process™

An EXTREME recovery experiential process with immediate results™


The Objective of this web site :

Objective 1

To simplify the UNDERSTANDING of the Origin of emotional trauma and cognitive disorders.


Objective 2. Propose a shift with the common initial paradigm of Therapy from Cognitive Foundation to a Feeling Foundation .. approach to Therapy. To reach the core of the Emotional damage and to heal the Emotional Core the approach must be deep feeling work and then a Dramatic Cognitive separation from Introjected Programming, thus making behavior a choice not a reaction.

As a result of the " feeling" process you will experience a higher degree of other words a greater degree of " Paying Attention" of your surroundings and paying attention to your " thoughts"...

Our " thoughts" are corrupted by what are known as "introjects"  also known as " Demons" and many other descriptions... Out negative behaviors are substantially controlled by our programmed introjects...they cannot be changed...Contrary to the "normal approach"... Even " positive affirmations will not reprogram these introjects !!!

Once your " consciousness increases ( paying attention ) the only way to stop the resulting negative behavior is to " pay attention" to the thought pattern and DO NOT FOLLOW THE NEGATIVE COMMANDS...

It is the " conscious separation of these " commands" and then consciously make the right decision...that will change our behaviors...!!!

The more you become aware of this pattern and consciously change your behavior the more productive you will be the more you will be able to accept your self and others unconditionally. 




Objective 3.

To describe the concept and goals of the Accelerated Recovery Process 

To demonstrate convincingly how The ARP System will dramatically accelerate the process of Recovery. The good news is any " process" has a beginning and an end... The ARP system will in fact help Accelerate the process depending on your diligent application of the principles taught...

How the ARP system will facilitate a Recovery more effectively.




Objective 4

To explain why a well organized recovery system with the individual actively involved provides structure , DIRECTION and enthusiasm  for the Client.. to further pursue and interact to accelerate the process.


Objective 5

When the Client is considered a prime candidate to become more interactive with the process.. the Therapist to inform the client of the system with a complete outline of the program, to demonstrate the feeling process, become aware of and separate from the negative introjections,  to function on a regular basis from the consciousness. To provide reading material and initial instructions to gradually build the skills for self therapy .

Instruct clients to educate themselves in order to facilitate Acceleration .

To suggest a potential projected outcome of the results. This will give the Client IMMEDIATE encouragement , enthusiasm and confidence.




Objective 6

To simplify the composition of the parts of the psyche that influence behavior and establish the absolute need for conscious separation in order to heal and change cognitive behaviors.




Objective 7

To demonstrate the effectiveness of each Phase of the ARP system and demonstrate the effectiveness of combining common applications and demonstrating the need to employ the applications in a deeper and enduring nature to maximize results.


Objective 8

Explain the need to change the approach of therapy from regressive to the here and now.

Objective 9

Explain the need for a gradual shift from the Therapist to the Client as the Main Facilitator of the Process. This will take a minimum of 5 to 6 years...

 Objective 10


Once the Individual  has reached an advanced plateau the final phase of the Recovery

Involves maintenance of the current level by..

1.      Being aware of any generated feelings or unprocessed emotions and completely accept and process them through the feeling process.

2.      Being aware of any negative messaging from an introject .. consciously separate and make the right choice to achieve the task at hand..

3.     Permanently strive to accomplish your goals, provide for your needs ..

4.     Pay attention through your consciousness to respect and do not allow any unprocessed emotions or critical / judgmental Introjected programming harm yourself, anyone else and especially children.

In Summary...

The basic components of the process is not that get started and do the work is very, very difficult.. because it is very contrary to common logic and other well established belief systems...

Their are many affirmations on this site describing the incredible results...there are absolutely no ridiculous claims of any extraordinary things that will happen... Just clearing any and all emotional baggage, addictions, to have  very clear focus in the here & now.... and to once and for all stop the influence of our "Introjects" ( demons)...














The Journey..

Now outline of the Journey that resulted with the discovery and development of the Accelerated Recovery Process.. Please click on the following link..


The Journey