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The Accelerated Recovery Process™



*"The Accelerated Recovery Process™

is a well developed ,

Planned recovery system based on actual experience, not "theory".

The System combines

  some very well known and successful applications

( modalities )

of recovery techniques developed and practiced by Licensed Professionals..

The System heals  ( Not Just Cope with !!!! )

Emotional trauma...

and also frees oneself from severe cognitive disorders.. those severe negative

abusive inner thoughts that drive us to our addictions, wrong decisions, stop us from achieving what we want to do and have a catastrophic effect our relationships...

The Assertive Application and incorporation of the client

as a major interactive part of the system

Accelerates the Process of healing Dramatically..."


You will discover the main dysfunctional element of our psychic  is what will become known as the natural process of Introjection... this "programming" was implanted in our psychic in our very early years and completely absorbed in our sub-conscious. To reach this severely negative programming the only way is through our deep feeling work...Miraculous insights will bring you back where you can now heal the trauma through a very intense cathartic experience..

You will also eventually as a result of this experience increase our awareness of our higher consciousness !!! where we will " Discover" our true "I AM" ...

Our "I AM" is who we are looking for...Our "I AM" is our guiding spirit that loves us unconditionally... Please Pay attention to Who "I AM  " really is... your "I AM" has been giving you the RIGHT ANSWERS all along , but we have not been following the advice !!!

We must process our deep emotions through the feeling process that increases our awareness substantially that will further help us identify through our now Higher Consciousness with the introjected programming.

Then separating from the programming, making an intelligent choice not to act out the dysfunctional behaviors...and to NOW make the right choice for appropriate behavior, reactions  and direction to once and for all take care of our needs and those who depend on us as responsible, loving adults...

This is the goal of this recovery work...